Setrics Tracker Executive Team & Advisory Board | FRANBOX

Leadership Team

Don W. Pierce

Donald L. Pierce

Former President, Arby’s
Former COO, K.F.C.
Former CEO, Denny’s

Carolyn H. Miller

Carolyn J. Miller

Former Franchise Development at McDonald’s, Chipotle, & others
Author of ‘Brick & Mortar Franchise Success: Know The Costs or Pay The Price’
Founder of the National Franchise Institute

Rick T. Grossman

Rick Grossman

Franchising Contibutor on
Co Author of Franchise Bible (8th Edition)
Serial Franchise Development Professional

Lori M. Karpman

Lori M. Karpman

Founder of Franchise System
Multi-time awarded “Canada’s Best Franchise Consultants/Attorneys”
Awarded by Canadian Franchise Association (CFA)

Gaydon Leavitt

Gaydon “G” Leavitt – CEO

Creator Of: “The Franchise Equation”, “Franchising Operating System”
Author, The Franchising Manifesto
11-Time Entrepreneur & Founder/CEO, Franbox