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Gaydon Leavitt

Gaydon Leavitt

Gaydon Leavitt (G as we call him), curated his business skills as a marketer. Ultimately known as “The Marketing Scientist” for the last 10 years, has helped over 2,000 small businesses with their marketing strategy and execution in nearly 200 industries.

In 2009, G started to dovetail his experience in marketing into SaaS (software as a service). As a software expert, Gaydon is fully devoted to helping organizations build infrastructure and get ROI from their business that exceeds their current reality. G believes small business is the heart of America and has dedicated his career to that.

The models, software and strategies that Gaydon has developed are unprecedented for small business and they create alignment between an organization’s plan, their marketing, their people and their operations.

Having developed more intellectual property in the franchise space than any other in history, G is a thought leader on automation, A.I. and all things software.

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“If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you’ll work until you die.”

Warren Buffett

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