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  1. EASY SETUP Your bots can virtually configure themselves or our support staff is happy to help as well.
  2. NEVER DOWN Cloud-based automation means that regardless of where you or your team is – you have automation with a simple internet connection.
  3. ROLE SPECIFIC Your bots know who is using the software and what they need to see – you can tailor their experience to their role.
  4. SECURE Your bots gather information and think on your behalf and gather data in the most secure ways possible – surpassing bank-level security.
  5. INTEGRATED All of your automation and software tools can be at the same login, the same place and use the same process – greatly simplifying life.

FRAN Gauge

Sell your franchises on autopilot via our step-by-step franchise sales process. Send franchise leads through your own sales software process and close them.

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Develop a business plan and marketing plan that will give you and your team clarity and confidence and make your franchise a massive success.

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Staffing, recruiting, hiring, and training new hires start with managing employee documents. Automate and store securely all employee-related documentation for better speed, less headache, and a higher level of compliance.

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FRAN Train

Training so that you can map your training process for new franchisees in order to ensure your franchisees know how to run their unit(s).

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FRAN Academy

Learn to franchise from the top experts in the industry on every area of business and franchising. Attend classes and test out of each course on your own time.

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FRAN Ideas

Get ideas from other franchisors and franchisees from around the continent about franchising-what’s working and what’s not and more!

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FRAN Drive

Store all your files so that all staff members and contractors can access the files needed to run all departments in your businesses.

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FRAN Financial Analytics

Your accounting analysis tool that rides on top of your accounting system and provides you CFO-level insights so you can make better decisions, even faster.

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FRAN Sales Analytics

Measure every business metric including all marketing activity as well as all financial data, in one place, without having to upload or input any data manually.

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FRAN Vendors

Find a recommended vendor to help your franchise fill a need to achieve success. Vendors are from every area of business and franchising.

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“FRANBOX is more than just a technology platform. It is an integrated system that includes implementation of the industry’s best practices, and today’s most advanced business growth strategies and resources.”

Rick Grossman Author of “The Franchise Bible, 8th edition”