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Introducing franchise automation for human resources.

Nearly 80% of franchisees report spending the majority of their time on “people” related challenges. Your people are likely your biggest resource as well as your greatest challenge. How different would your franchise be with automated human resourced? It turns problems into solutions giving you a serious advantage. How much time would it save you? How much money would it make you?… To have all your marketing operations-related challenges diminishes by 80%? Perhaps increased time and less stress with better compliance for starters?

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FRAN Chart™

This organizational chart and roles tool helps you visualize what each person in your organization is responsible for – with Chart, everyone is clear about everyone’s role in your company!

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FRAN Academy™

Learn to franchise from the top experts in the industry on every area of business and franchising. Attend classes and test out of each course on your own time.

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FRAN Train™

Training so that you can map your training process for new business leaders or employees in order to ensure your team knows how to excel at their job.

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FRAN Hire™

Automate and store all employee-related documentation for better speed, less headache and a higher level of compliance.

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FRAN Jobs™

This module will help you hire employees and manage the turnover at your business faster.

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Turn people problems into advantages. Human resources is now automated.