Setrics Tracker Executive Team & Advisory Board | FRANBOX

Leadership Team

Don W. Pierce

Donald L. Pierce

Former President, Arby’s
Former COO, K.F.C.
Former CEO, Denny’s

Carolyn H. Miller

Carolyn J. Miller

Former Franchise Development at McDonald’s, Chipotle, & others
Author of ‘Brick & Mortar Franchise Success: Know The Costs or Pay The Price’
Founder of the National Franchise Institute

Lori M. Karpman

Lori S. Karpman

Founder of Franchise System
Multi-time awarded “Canada’s Best Franchise Consultants/Attorneys”
Awarded by Canadian Franchise Association (CFA)

Gaydon Leavitt

Gaydon “G” Leavitt – CEO

Creator Of: “The Franchise Equation”, “Franchising Operating System”
Author, The Franchising Manifesto
11-Time Entrepreneur & Founder/CEO, Franbox