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Case Study:

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Executive Summary:

Therapia Addiction Healing Center, located in Southern Utah was created with the purpose of providing healing for the addicted. Through gender-specific programs for both men and women based on the 12 steps for addiction recovery, Therapia helps its patients understand the core issues they are facing so that the healing process can begin. Ben Harris, Executive Director of Therapia, was faced with a challenge most business owners have or will face: finding a reliable marketing solution. Through the help of his outsourced Marketing Department, Savavo, Ben has been able to make informed and educated decisions and is no longer “shooting from the hip”.

The Challenge:

Prior to engaging with Savavo, Therapia had hired a lead generation company to run their Google Adwords campaign, though never sure if it was producing qualified leads. Admissions into the program were waning and Ben was not sure of the solution.

The Solution:

The first step Ben’s outsourced marketing team at Savavo took to address the challenge was putting in place metrics to track the results of all marketing initiatives, including the adwords campaign. After some analysis, it was discovered that Therapia was paying, on average, around $600 per phone call from the Google Adwords campaign. After analyzing the sales funnel, Ben’s Savavo coach discovered that the landing page where ad clickers were landing was the greatest constraint in the funnel, resulting in low conversion rates of clickers to callers. Noting this missing piece, it was recommended that the lead generation company add a contact form among other items to improve conversion rates.

The Results:

After we changed our campaigns as per Savavo’s instructions, our cost to acquire a lead (generate each phone call) we were experiencing immediately dropped by over 70% without modifying our budget! The work has not stopped there and other changes and improvements are in the works to reach our target cost per call of $30.
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