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A Comprehensive Model for Marketing

Determine Budget and Scope of Services: This includes deciding which of the various services that the client will take advantage of at Savavo including logo design, websites, Facebook pages, video, CRM software, and other services. This may include elements such as:
  1. Time line
  2. One time costs
  3. Recurring costs
  4. Congruence of needs to services
  5. Management of Expectations
Consulting, Strategy and Content: Depending on the scope of services being rendered, Savavo will architect a plan for the needs of the business and create content around the brand and target market. This may include activities such as:
  1. Brand Consulting (identity and logo)
  2. Marketing Strategy
  3. SWOT Analysis
  4. Strategic Mission
  5. Content Development
Design and Development of Media: This may include activities such as:
  1. Branding (logo, etc.)
  2. Website
  3. Video
Traffic generation: This may include activities such as:
  1. Search Engine Optimization – Best ROI for most businesses
  2. Google Places Optimization – Best ROI for local businesses with a store front
  3. Social Media Marketing – Builds online reputation and fanbase
  4. Online Advertising – This could include media purchases or ads on search engines
  5. Print Media Advertising – This could include newspapers and other media outlets
  6. Direct Mail – These campaigns can be tailored to drive traffic to a storefront or a website.
  7. Email Marketing – Most cost effective marketing in existence
Conversion Rate and Analytics: The principle of conversion rate and analytics applies to all forms of traffic. Here are some examples::
  1. SEO
  2. PayPerClick advertising
  3. Website and landing pages
  4. Any other form of media or traffic being employed
Lead Management and Selling: This involves the software used to manage and communicate with prospects and team members in order to sell product and service customers. This may include elements such as:
  1. CRM and project management tools
  2. Work flow issues
  3. Communications breakdown among staff
  4. Time management
  5. Metrics and reporting

Unique Approach = Unique Results

Savavo staff get results for clients in each of these areas. Which begs the question –

Which phases do you want to focus on?

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